Terms and conditions of use

Welcome to Brand Bangla eShop website (“The Site”). This is The Site of Brand Bangla eShop ("We"). Before using the site, you should aware of The Site: the services we provide, issues we deal with, the data we collect from our registered members and terms and condition we offer to deal with our users/clients /stakeholders. We have clarified details about the purpose and aim of Brand Bangla eShop in the ‘ABOUT US’ chapter in the Site. In ‘Privacy Policy’ chapter, we have clarified the privacy policy we do maintain in The Site. Beside these there are also some terms and condition we asked to follow our users/ clients/stakeholders for better understanding.  Please do go through the stated terms and condition carefully for your understanding. If you think that all these terms and conditions stated below in this chapter are suitable for you, you are welcome to access The Site.

You can only use the services of The Site that are available. The Site is not responsible for the services that is unavailable here.

You only use the site when you are 18 years old. We do not deal with the people who are under 18. Under 18 people can deal with us only when he or she get permission from their parents or legal guardian or under the supervision for their parents and legal guardian. For details please see the Privacy Policy chapter of The Site.

For some services, you may need a registration for The Site. Before registration, you should go through the privacy policy because you have to provide some personal information to us for registration. Please do provide your accurate and authentic information. You are responsible for the accuracy and authentication of your given information.

We do not have any intention or option to disclose your user name (account) and password to anybody. So, please don’t disclose your user name (account name) and password to anybody because the account holder is responsible for all activities that happen under such user name (account name) and password. Furthermore, you must notify us for any kind of unauthorized use of your password or account. The Site shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of, or in connection with, your failure to comply with this section. 

You can order the product for purchase from through The Site by using the invoicing tools available on The Site. Only registered members will have the privilege to use the invoicing tools. If you you not a registered member, you can submit an order to purchase our product over phone or email.

We usually deliver our product within the next 72 hours, not including the government holidays, in Dhaka City areas from the submission time of the order. Out of Dhaka City area, we deliver the ordered products through booking agents available for the delivery points or prescribed booking agents by our customer. We apply the payment on delivery method to collect payment from our customers.

We are not responsible for the delay of any delivery occurring for any natural calamity or political calamity or unavailability of booking agents for the delivery or any delay occurred from the booking agents end.

Our customers only buy our product according to the price we determined in The Site and buy products that are available to our store.

If you want to return the received product, please inform us through The Site, phone or email. If you have any advance payment for the returned product, we will refund the amount when you return the product in absolutely good condition at your own cost.

If you find any kind of technical fault any other problem, we are ready to replace the product with a good one and Brand Bangla eShop will bear the Shipment Charge for delivering the replacement products.

Brand Bangla eShop reserve the right to revise the price of the product without any notice and reserve the right to dismiss any order with a notice if any kind of situation occurred.

All intellectual property rights in The Site- the website design, including, but not limited to text, graphics, software, photos, video, and all software compilations, underlying source code and software are the property of Brand Bangla eShop. All these are protected under the copyright laws of Bangladesh and other international laws. All rights are reserved.

Brand Bangla eShop reserve the right to change the terms and conditions time to time. In these cases, notices will be published on The Site and archive the prior terms and conditions for review.

If any user tries to violate any of the terms and condition stated here or try to make unauthorized access or try to violate the law of the state through The Site, Brand Bangla eShop will terminate his membership without any prior notice.

If you want to discontinue with Brand Bangla eShop, you can terminate your account by sending us a notice. As soon as we get notice from you, you will deactivate your account.